How to make homemade chocolate

Homemade chocolate – the best treat for children and adults. Spend no more than 10 minutes on its preparation, and enjoy the pleasure and energy for the whole day. Pamper your household by making your own chocolate bar.

Chocolate: recipe
Chocolate is a source of endorphins. He fills with energy and uplifting. However, such sweetness, made industrially, is not always beneficial, and sometimes even causes allergic reactions.


This is not due to the basic ingredients that make up the chocolate, but because of preservatives and thickeners, through which manufacturers seek to extend the shelf life of the product

If you notice that the store product has lost its natural taste (it has become less saturated and fragrant), it does not melt, then it is time to study the classic recipe and prepare the most delicious chocolate yourself.

To make a beautiful bar of chocolate, use this set of products:

butter – 150 g;
cocoa powder – 10 tbsp. l
sugar – 4 tbsp. l
Milk – 200 ml.
All ingredients are available. The main thing – choose a natural butter, in which a minimum of additives and no vegetable fats, and also pay attention to the quality of cocoa powder. It should have a rich thick

How to make homemade chocolate  : If you are thinking about how to make chocolate, then familiarize yourself with simple technology.

Thanks to her, the chocolate mixture will be ready in 10 minutes, and in 20–30 minutes of being in the refrigerator, it will turn into a tile of excellent natural chocolate.

To achieve this result, do so:

Bring the milk to the boiling point, but do not boil it.Mix sugar and cocoa in a deep container, add 50 ml of warmed milk to the mixture. Stir everything thoroughly so that there are no lumps.
Cut the butter into small pieces and add to the prepared mixture. Hold it on fire for no more than 2 minutes. During this time, the mixture will be homogeneous.
Pour the chocolate into the molds and allow to cool to room temperature. Only then send it to the fridge.

Homemade chocolate is a tasty and healthy delicacy. Cooking is simple and easy. In a short time you will receive a quality product that can be given even to children. You can vary the recipe by adding nuts or dried fruits to chocolate

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